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Building At The Edges

Jun 1, 2023

Jess sits down with Benny Giang and Jayden Windle from Future Primitive to talk about ERC-6551, a new token standard that enables every NFT to have its own wallet. In this conversation, they break down how an EIP works, why they chose to identify the Future Primitive brand so heavily with an EIP, and they lay out some interesting use cases for ERC-6551. Tune in for interesting takes on the Metaverse, NPCs, digital fashion, and more. 




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0:00 Intro 

1:05 What is Future Primitive?

2:35 Launching Future Primitive as an EIP

6:11 What is an EIP?

8:04 ERC-6551

8:59 Future Primitive’s brand strategy

13:12 ERC-6551 use cases

17:42 User experience of ERC-6551

22:28 Benny’s view on the Metaverse

36:23 What makes Future Primitive novel

42:09 Closing thoughts

43:51 Outro


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